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Want to have big adventures with your Nervous dog?

Join Us for our pack walks in
Peak District

The Nervous Dog Club

Owning a nervous or reactive dog can feel isolating at times and sometimes the idea of going for a big hike with your nervous dog can be stressful.
Nina's Wolfpack would love people with nervous dogs to join us on Saturday morning hikes in the Peak District.
What's involved: We will create a WhatsApp group and I will send a pin of where to meet in the Peak District, all dogs will remain on lead and we'll start by creating safety protocols for worrying situations, and talk through your dogs specific triggers. Then we'll head out on the trail in a distanced group and hike together!

No judgement, only support to help each and every dog succeed and help owners feel confident to be able to handle all situations.

What to bring:

  • Water & bowl for your dog (and water for yourself)

  • LOADS of treats, more than you think you need

  • A short lead

  • A longline

  • Harness/Flat collar

  • Towel (it maybe muddy)

  • Toy/Chew/Kong for breaks 

  • A mat or portable dog bed that you don't mind getting muddy.

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