1-2-1 Puppy Training

Just got a new puppy and struggling to know where to start with their training and development? Get in touch or book a session now.

Adult Dog Training

If you're struggling with some areas of training with your adolescent or adult dog, maybe recall? Lead walking? Jumping up? We can help! Get in touch or book your session here.

Behavioural Consultation

Worried about your dogs behaviour? Behaviour can be complicated in dogs and it's important to understand and start training as soon as possible.

Puppy Package

Make sure your puppy gets the best start too life with our 1-2-1- puppy package. This covers training, socialising and confidence building for you and your puppy.

UK Sniffer Dogs (Puppy and Adult)

Want to do more with your dog? Give them more mental stimulation and build a stronger bond with them? Then scent work is for you!