1-2-1 Puppy Training

£50 for 1 Hour Training

Just got a new puppy and struggling to know where to start with their training and development? Get in touch or book a session now.

Just got a puppy? The home visits allow training to be done at your residence or out on your local walk so that we can work on any areas your struggling with day to day and give your puppy the best start with training, socialising, desensitising and the best relationship with you and your family. With this training you can feel confident that everything is going how it should and you can have a happy, healthy and confident dog. After the session I will send over my "Puppy Starter Pack" which has notes on everything to refer back to if needed.


Adult Dog Training

£60 for 1 Hour Training

If you're struggling with some areas of training with your adolescent or adult dog, maybe recall? Lead walking? Jumping up? We can help! Get in touch or book your session here.

This service covers common issues such as: - Basic Obedience - Lead Walking. - Recall. - Jumping Up. - Impulse Control with Food. - Calming Associations with People, Places or Dogs. - Focus on You When out of the House - Door Manners (If your dog rushing out the door the moment it's opened or jumping on guests)   You can have an amazing bond with your dog by using force free methods and I would to show you how.

Cute Dog

Behavioural Consultation

£110 for initial consultation and training.

£70 for following sessions.

Worried about your dogs behaviour? Behaviour can be complicated in dogs and it's important to understand and start training as soon as possible.

This is the initial session needed when working with behavioural issues. We will do a 30 minute consultation to assess your dog's behaviour patterns and get to the root of the issues. This is needed for issues such as: - Resource Guarding - Separation Anxiety - Reactivity (barking, lunging towards dogs/people) - Dog to Dog Aggression - Dog to Human Aggression - Excessive Barking After the session you will receive: - Follow up report with everything we covered and also what is best to work on / any equipment needed for future training - Continuous text support. - A follow up phone call. ​ Any following sessions are £75

Two Dogs

Puppy Package

£175 for 4 weeks of 1-2-1 sessions

Make sure your puppy gets the best start too life with our 1-2-1- puppy package. This covers training, socialising and confidence building for you and your puppy.

Do you want a more personalised puppy training option? Then the puppy package is for you! This package is 1-2-1- training sessions each week and we cover more than just the basic commands. The puppy package can cover: - Puppy biting - Toilet training - Settling in their bed/on the sofa/on a mat - Leaving items - Recall - Lead walking - Calm socialisation - Sitting at the front door and calm introductions - Anything you would like to teach your puppy. ​ Together we will help train your dog to be confident. Come Join the Puppy-Pack.


UK Sniffer Dogs (Puppy and Adult)

£85 for 2 hour scent work 1-2-1

Want to do more with your dog? Give them more mental stimulation and build a stronger bond with them? Then scent work is for you!

Sniffer Training is an amazing thing to do with your dog.
Scentwork can help build a bond with your dog, teaching them to work and play with scent can be incredibly rewarding and we can also use scent to rectify problems in pet dogs when it comes to behaviour. Dogs that are fearful, it can build confidence. Dogs that are reactive, it can make them want to ignore triggers. It can do wanders for a dogs mental welling and overall behaviour.