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Webinars on specific topics on canine training and behaviour modification


The Adventure Dog Webinar

Everything to do with having adventures with dogs. Functional obedience training, conditioning your dog around livestock, Settling in environments such as pubs or campsites and specific sports such as rock climbing, paddle boarding and canicross (running). Even if you struggle with reactivity, adventuring is still possible and we want to help.

Sunday 4th August at 6pm


The Functional Training Guide

Dogs should be trained to your lifestyle, not by a set of rules. In this webinar are going to talk through the way in which your dogs learn and develop and how to plan your training accordingly to your priorities, from what to teach, how to progress it and work on the training yourself from your own home. So if you want to level up your training without the need for group classes, here is the best place to be.

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